Friday, April 3, 2015

Laws do not eliminate crime

As Colorado prepares for the trial of the Aurora theater murderer, the killing of a fetus by a deranged woman is being used as a reason for promoting laws that could limit rights to legal abortions.
There is more than a bit of irony that those promoting these laws are often opponents of tighter gun laws. They say such laws would not have stopped the Aurora “Batman” massacre or the Columbine Massacre.
Can anyone truly believe that a fetus murder law would have stopped Dynel Lane from ripping the fetus from the womb of Michelle Wilkins? Wilkins had named the fetus Aurora.
Lane did not need to go through any permitting process to get her knife. And she also used a shard of broken glass. What law restricts access to that?
Colorado voters have repeatedly rejected laws making the death of a fetus a crime, but have approved a law that applies to Lane. It rightfully makes killing the fetus of inside the womb of a third party without consent a felony. She faces 100 years in prison.
Lane apparently wanted the baby. She had some basic medical skills, and the fetus was old enough to possibly have survived even this crude act.
Lane, 34, had lost one of her two children in a drowning in 2002. She told her husband she was pregnant again and was maintaining a baby registry.
The Boulder Daily Camera quoted Dr. Clyde Wright, a neonatologist, saying the 34-week-old fetus in the womb of Michelle Wilkens had a 98 percent chance of survival if qualified personnel in a proper setting had removed it.
Paramedics and doctors were able to save the life of the 26-year-old Wilkins after she was attacked when she answered a Craigslist add for baby clothes at Lane’s home on March 18.

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