Friday, May 22, 2015

Times prematurely warns ISIS no threat

No need to worry about ISIS, a New York Times” op-ed piece, headlined “Calm Down, ISIS Isn’t Winning” said Friday morning. Whoops.
Kind of the like a report of the killing of a senior ISIS “leader,” followed within a few days by the capture of several cities across at least two borders.
Later it in the day, after more reports of ISIS gains in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist group claimed responsibility for the bombing of a mosque in Saudi Arab that killed at least 10 people.
“The Islamic State (IS) group says it was behind a suicide bombing on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia that killed at least 10 people.
The attack in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province is the first to be claimed by the Saudi branch of IS, which was formally established last November,” the BBC reported.
The Times’ piece, in the same sort of way that Judean militants had dissed the Romans in “The Life of Brian,” listed all the groups’ recent achievements but said they were meaningless.
“There is even a silver lining in the fall of Ramadi. Before last week, many Iraqi leaders seemed to have forgotten that the Islamic State was still a threat and failed to give credit to those doing the most to resist it,” the op-ed writer said.
Taking an entirely different tack than the Times” cheerleading for the invasion of Iraq, the newspaper now is emphasizing that there should be no boots on the ground.
Unfortunately, there are no Roman boots around to deal with ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State or Islamic State Caliphate, and it will probably take more than making their fighters erase the writing on the wall “Americans Go Home,” or least correct the grammar.
An updated report on the Saudi Arabian mosque on Al Jazeera said at least 21 died.
It reported a suicide bomber struck as worshippers were commemorating the 7th century birth of a revered Shia figure. The government said more than 150 people were praying there.
The attacker used a suicide vest, the same ruse employed to sneak into a secret CIA station in Afghanistan. He had fingered several colleagues, who were killed by drones, to gain credibility. The Americans wanted so much to believe.
There were Twitter reports Friday that ISIS had posted photos of the mangled body of the bomber. There was such a photo though it could not be confirmed that it was the bomber.

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