Monday, June 20, 2016

What if a Billionaire Decides What is News

Many in the media are worried that if a certain candidate gets elected our free press could disappear.
But does it even exist now.
Hardly a week goes by, according to some critics, when the media does not ignore important stories because the government or the rich want them suppressed.
A Harvard study says the media created presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.
Most would involve matters that involve or might involve national or international security.
They could even involve non-controversial events.
Imagine a horrible story about an alligator killing a little boy makes world news.
Within a few days a mother rushes to the aid of one of her children, its head in the mouth of a mountain lion.
She rescues the child, authorities come and kill the animal and a second nearby mountain lion.
The mother and the boy are rushed to a hospital in a nearby major city. Injuries are minimal.
The media reports the story but without naming those involved. There are none of the usual quotes of what it was like getting the boy’s head out of the mouth.
Several days pass and the names remain secret. The family releases a statement saying they appreciate the support of everyone. No names. No details.
Keep in mind that government employees were involved in the incident. A few news sites publish critical comments saying the mountain lions should not have been killed.
Doesn’t this sound like a national news story. Wouldn’t TV stations be fighting for film of the family?
Or perhaps it shouldn’t be assumed that good stories always make the news, at least not with any details.
Such an event did happen recently. They used to say on popular American TV shows that the names were changed to protect the innocent.

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